Here are some of the fantastically talented people I work with to bring the best insight and understanding of behaviour, perception and habit to your business.

Dr Simon Moore, chilling out.

Dr Simon Moore, chilling out.

Dr Simon Moore

Chartered Psychologist and psychological insight expert on emotional and behavioural reaction to games, gaming brands and play. Specialist in applying behavioural economic principles to communication, messaging and consumer engagement. Experienced brand recommendation consultant. Creator of bespoke research insight work to move your brands forward.

Dr Charles Kriel

Dr Charles Kriel is the author of the Concise Dictionary of Freemium and Free-to-Play Game Design, and several other books. He was raised on an American carnival where his father taught him to run games of chance.

At 15, he ran away from the circus to become a broadcaster, eventually landing at BBC Radio 1. Now he helps publishers and film & television companies make games and apps that make money.

Follow him on Twitter at @charleskriel

Dr Charles Kriel, chilling out.

Dr Charles Kriel, chilling out.


Darren Garrett

Darren is a BAFTA winning creative producer and director with over 15 years experience developing game, animation and digital projects. As Creative Directive of Littleloud, one of the UK's leading digital entertainment companies, he was responsible for steering the creative development of the business and teams, while remaining a hands on director and designer.

He has been at the forefront of innovative educational gaming content, including the BAFTA winning Bow Street Runner, Games for Change winner The Curfew, and Sweatshop, which has been featured in MITs top 5 best practice serious games.

Darren has spoken at various conferences and events in the UK & abroad, and has featured in leading publications such as Edge and Computer Arts. He also sits on the advisory board to the NFTS Games Design course as well as occasional guest lecturing at Portsmouth University & Sussex University.

Stuart Nolan, chilling out.

Stuart Nolan, chilling out.

Stuart Nolan

Stuart Nolan is a former NESTA Fellow in Applied Magic and is currently one of the first Magicians in Residence at the Watershed’s Pervasive Media Studio and The University of Bristol Computer Science Department. 

As a leading expert in physical and psychological deception he is credited with bringing the study of deception out of the lab and into the everyday world. He combines his skills in traditional disciplines of deception with original research into how we are deceived by language and physical gesture. He recently deceived over 700 organisations just to prove a point. 

His Applied Magic techniques have since been used with, amongst others, architects in Manchester, digital artists in Lima and Madrid, film producers in Paris, journalists in Sofia, museum directors in Norwich, Internet entrepreneurs in Kuala Lumpur, video editors in Helsinki, game designers in Dundee, play researchers in Alicante, scriptwriters in Amsterdam, futurologists in Brussels, organisational psychologists in Pennsylvania, educationalists in Wales, Rugby players in Yorkshire, puppeteers in London, storytellers in Bristol, and teenage inventors at the BBC.

He spent the summer of 2012 performing in a travelling Boxing Booth throughout the fairs and country shows of the North of England and exhibiting The Strange Thing. He is a co-editor of the new Journal of Performance Magic