Mark Sorrell, chilling out.


Mark Sorrell is a consultant on games, product, and how to build great teams that deliver great games that make money.

Value My Time, Don’t Time My Value

"This is a sort of behavioural penny-gap. The difference between ‘get up and put a disc in’ and ‘stay sat down’ is big. Consoles have now crossed that barrier physically, but not in terms of their design philosophy."

How Hearthstone Gets Loot

"Hearthstone uses the basic concept of giving you what you need for free and selling you the things you want. "

Clone Warts: Samurai Siege

"It sits in an awkward place between Base Raid genre and Clash of Clans clone. If it had the courage of its convictions in either direction, it would be a better game. And then the successes it *is* having with user acquisition would be multiplied significantly."

Previous Work Includes

Sky, FremantleMedia, BBC, Bwin.Party, Standard Life, Money Advice Service, Save the Children, Tate, Hide&Seek, Somethin' Else



"Sorrell is one of the most original thinkers in gaming I have ever met. He has extremely finely-tuned bullshit detectors, even when the bullshit is widely accepted as common knowledge. He has a profound knowledge of the history and craft of games and the way people play them. Today this means behavioural economics, the different gaming ecosystems and the commercial / political environments in which they operate. I'd call Sorrell a 'strategic game and business system designer."

Paul Bennun - CCO - Somethin' Else

"Mark just knows. I asked him to consider an app strategy for Tate, one that built on Tate's existing digital offering for children, and he came back with something clear, concise, actionable and most of all achievable. He showed in-depth insight and had clearly thought hard about the idiosyncrasies - and problems - faced by an institution like Tate. He represents extremely good value, and we will no doubt call upon him again in the near future."

Sharna Jackson - Editor: Tate Kids - Tate


"Mark was an hilariously informative and hugely insightful presenter, when he acted as one of our Keynote Speakers at the Connected Entertainment Summit 2014. Not only was he a pleasure to deal with and a joy to be around over the course of the two day event, his frank and funny personality stole the show! His knowledge of the gaming and entertainment industries is undisputed and we would not hesitate to work with him again."

Elaine McFadden - Conference Director - Connected Entertainment Summit 2014